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Just a reminder... If you have trees that are dying but think they "look" healthy enough for the time being and you'll leave them be for a couple more years, you may want to reconsider & have them checked out..

This tree was was "slowly" dying & appeared to have enough green on it, but once it was cut into, you were able to see how it's outside appearance could be fooling.

Trees are susceptible to sickness and diseases, which can potentially damage it, leading to its death. If a tree dies from a disease, it's very likely to pass the sickness along to other surrounding trees & vegetation. When one becomes infected, that also makes it a target to all sorts of pests including termites, wood-boring insects & other small animals, worsening the tree's state.

With a rotted inside, large branches are more likely to fall during strong winds or storms. That being a major safety concern/risk of injury to anyone nearby or potential of immense damage to your house, car, etc.

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