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Unfortunately, we've been seeing more and more uprooted, or dying pine trees within surrounding areas. Pine species are adapted to dryer soils, therefore too much water, especially with all the rain we've been having the past couple years, tends to start killing them.

Younger and newly planted pines are at high risk, but older pines have definitely been suffering as well, usually due to their location. If they're in low-lying areas, near a run-off, or not getting enough sunlight, etc...then they are also high risk. Too much water and not enough light, can lead to the Pines being more vulnerable & open to infectious diseases and fungi. They need their oxygen to breath and grow, just as us.


Some tips to keep your Pines strong and healthy:

[ ] First, know some signs:

-Are they being overwatered? If you dig down near the roots about 8-10 inches and if there's enough moisture in the soil that you can "squeeze" out water in your hands... they're receiving too much.

-Do you see large areas of brown needles, or complete bare spots on your pines? Browning closer too the bottom of the tree, working it's way up? If so, this can be another sign of receiving too much water.

[ ] Second, if you've established there is too much moisture in the soil surrounding the tree, dig up the soil a little, along with mixing in some organic compounds such as wood chips. This will help aeration and help soak up some of the excess moisture.

[ ] If the trees are within a low-spot or run-off, redirect the flow of water to a more appropriate location.


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